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Working within the child’s comfort zones

Every child is of utmost priority, hence considering their comfort zone is very important. Home followed by school is where each child gets moulded and learns the very first lesson. Catering to this demand Home sessions are well planned by our professionals considering every aspect of milestones as well as areas of concern. Different domains like education, activities of daily living, behaviour, attention-concentration and sitting tolerance are worked upon as part of the home sessions. Additionally, the motive is also to help the child develop a rhythm and pace of working on these difficult areas in an environment most conducive to them, in presence of the family.

Weaning the child off shadow services

There is a growing concern among the parents about the child becoming dependent on the shadow teacher in the school environment.Parents are generally worried about the weaning off or making the child independent process. We completely understand the importance of weaning off, thus we pride in preparing a systematic plan for the same as well as equipping the school staff with necessary skills. As a process to building rapport

Autism Spectrum management

A widely known yet poorly accepted phenomenon named AUTISM, is often misunderstood when it comes to management of behaviors related to it. A clear understanding of child’s concerns will facilitate growth and learning outcome positively.It is a commonly known fact that having preoccupations, sensory needs and preference for staying in their own world are the symptomatic aspects of the condition, hence any management of other behaviors or skills should be done by allowing minimal interference of the existing symptomatic behaviors or having any expectation that they will go away completely for the new learning to occur. However, we pride in a holistic management approach where intervention programs are planned on enhancing skills at a consistent pace parallely addressing the sensory and behavior issues of the child.

Coping with medical issues

Going through the painful medical procedures can be the most difficult experience for any child with medical, terminal or a longstanding neurological issue. In such unfortunate circumstances, it has been observed that the child may lag behind in developing necessary social and emotional skills crucial to those developing years. Customizing and developing counseling modules to work on these skills and help in the coping and the healing process is our target. We also integrate a wide variety of activities from various genres targeting positive development in the child. The children are known to benefit from this positive engagement as their areas of interest are also included in the program making the whole process enriching for the development.

Online training for parents and caregivers.

We believe that parents and caregivers require a training on how to use a systematic and effective approach towards working with children with special needs. As such training is not available everywhere, we have the facility of online services to reach every house, school or institute. Understand the needs of the child, working on the child’s behavior, academic and social concerns, providing a conducive environment for the child and using appropriate interventions are some of the areas we train the parents/caregivers and also other professionals. As working with children with special needs can be confusing, we help the parent/caregiver in every step of the way – from formulating the intervention plan to its execution. We also provide specific material to be used along with a detailed explanation of how it is to be use.

Managing Screen time effectively.

Most children today, spend a significant amount of their free time on TV, laptops, smartphone, Ipad, etc. Aside from the dangerous of the internet and media influence, alot of screen time can affect concentration and memory, as well as their ability to make decisions and set goals. TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets are a necessity of modern life and can be an important tool to help children with special needs thrive, but wisely managing screen time will also help keep their brains functioning at optimal levels. We, at Little Pods, can help parents and caregivers understand how to limit and monitor the child’s screen time. We also focus on how to effectively wean the child out from the technology world and direct his/her interest to other activities which boosts their physical and mental skills.