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Shadow Teacher Services

Every child has to be shaped and modelled into adapting to the school environment. More than adapting to the physical environment, it is important that the child learns to adapt to the dynamic changes in his learning environment from time to time. At Little Pods, we believe in assisting the child with special needs and helping him/her develop not only appropriate behaviors in school but also build academic skills and further strengthen the social/interaction skills with the overall aim of making the child independent.

As a shadow teacher, the professional is involved in:

Home Schooling

Little pods aims to work and create an opportunity for every child with special needs to let him come at par other children with respect to his educational demands. We provide home schooling for children who find it difficult to adjust in school environment owing to various issues or if the parent chooses to provide the child with an opportunity to learn concepts appropriate to age and grade at home due to varied health or security reasons. Our professionals are trained to make tailor made grade and board appropriate material to cover every subject and domain for holistic learning. Revisions and assessments are well planned as well.

The Home Educational program will cater to:

Curriculum Based Remediation

Our curriculum based remedial sessions are unique because, we include school curriculum as a part of our session to boost scholastic performance. We understand the difficulty faced by a child with special needs in managing regular focus on school curriculum, and so, we include it along with working on basic concepts. Our professionals use an unconventional way of teaching school curriculum and preparing the child for assessments. We aim at maximum understanding of the concept and enhancing its recall. Remedial teaching has been showing great results with the age group of 5 to 13 years. We are also equipped to train the children for the NIOS syllabus

What our Remedial Teachers do?

Special Education Services

At Little Pods, our special educators are trained professionals dealing with the academic needs of the child with respect to his/ her educational demands. We understand that basics related to academic concepts needs to be emphasized for the overall academic development. Our professionals initially conduct informal assessment to get a good understanding of the child’s strengths, weaknesses, modality of learning and individual differences, post which, they prepare a plan and teaching strategy using unconventional methods. Our professionals are carefully trained and guided to choose appropriate teaching-aid for effective understanding.

What our Special Educators do?

Comprehensive Home Session

Comprehensive home sessions offered by Little Pods aim towards an holistic developmental approach for special needs children. Comprehensive home sessions which cover behavioural, academic as well as social communication issues, gradually and systematically develop different mile-stones of a child. We include fine motor development activities, Occupational therapy home plan as well as Speech development interventions. By working collectively on all domains Monday-Friday at home we have observed that slowly but consistently the child shows an overall growth in all these interdependent domains. We have ample experience and evidence based results of the positive outcome of this strategy.

What do we do in Comprehensive Home Session?

Behaviour Modification

Our well trained psychologist do intensive behaviour modification with children in the natural environment, i.e. school, home, etc. While dealing with children, we know that as part of universal developmental milestones, they do not have completely developed cognitive faculties like adults. Hence, after understanding the concerns faced by the child and his/her potential to overcome them, we use behavior modification techniques by systematically shaping the child’s behavior towards the accepted norm. We train parents/caretakers if necessary because we believe that every technique and strategy would work best if started in a conducive environment which can then be replicated in real world situations

What our Behaviour Modification Therapist’s do?

Counseling Services

At Little Pods counselling services are not restricted to children with Special Needs, these services can be aviavled by mainstream children or siblings of medicinally coping as well as special needs children. Through a counselling process we provide appropriate professional help and advice to resolve emotional, adjustment and related psychological problems. We form a relation with the client which helps us identify their strengths and areas of conflict. Systematic resolution of conflicts leads to a sustainable growth and equips one with strategies to identify future problems and work systematically towards their solution. Adolescents and children always benefit with the guided support for the various issues that are difficult to be addressed by the parents at times.

What our Counselors do?

Medical Psychotherapy

This is one of our unique services, Little Pods aims to venture and reach out to children who are recovering from any type of medical or terminal illness like seizures, cancer, etc.

It has been witnessed and known that the pain of the medical procedures and numerous medical consultations often evokes the feeling of intense fear, anxiety and depression like conditions which often takes a toll on child’s development and well being.

In order to enhance the quality of life at the same time, giving them some opportunities to engage positively in fun activities, these sessions incorporate a number of art based, music based and coping skills based activities.

Parent / Caregiver Training Program

At Little Pods, we aim to provide comprehensive training and holistic assistance to parents through online and other mediums to develop their competency and skills to work with their own children akin to a professional. As a matter of fact, a child spends more time in the home environment as compared to a therapist’s time schedule hence we believe it’s equally important for the parents/caregivers to become hands on in managing the child using appropriate strategies

As part of the parent/ caregiver program, we aim to cover

Shadow Teacher Training Program

Little Pods is an initiative to provide quality services as well as redefine the conventional role and understanding of the job profile of a shadow teacher. The vision is always to make the child independent and clearly involving review and feedbacks in the process.

Shadow Teachers play a very important role in life event of a child with special needs; considering the number of hours they spend with the child on regular basis. Little pods is looking forward to use their training module for shadow teachers appointed by you with specific child-centered approach as well as we monitor the growth.

Well trained shadow teachers can do wonders by making the complete experience of being in school more productive and fun; whereas the personality of an untrained shadow can create a possibility to damage the pace and rhythm of development and increasing the struggle for the child. Shadow teaching is a growing professional and this certified course helps job seekers to hold an upper hand in the industry.

Topics covered during training

Psycho-Educational Assessments and Testing

Assessment is a process which allows one to understand the child’s competencies as well as the areas of challenges with the help of various standardized tests. For the process of certification as well as to acquire concessions in school, these reports are important. This is further directed with an understanding that will help us design a learning environment conducive to the child’s growth and development. Little Pods also addresses the referrals for assessments for the issues pertaining to emotions, behaviour, social skills and academics.

We also provide mass Specific Learning Disability screenings at schools wherein we can screen out children with Specific Learning Disability from grade IV onwards

Assessments conducted for


Increasing awareness and bring enthusiasts closer by means of tailor made workshops addressing the needs of the audience has been one of our main objective at Little Pods . We wish to promote and broaden the horizons of various areas pertaining to children and adolescents. Our experts with first hand experience and thorough subject knowledge are well equipped to conduct workshops, seminars and trainings. Our workshops are completely planned as per the need of the group in terms of content as well as language.

Few Topics we cover