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Archive :- December, 2017

Importance of Messy play

Author :- Stephanie George Date :- December 25, 2017

Messy Play has no definition it is a just fun-filled way of playing which also gives information to children about their surroundings. It is an opportunity to use the material in different ways, and there are no restrictions on it. Children with special needs can also use these open-ended materials and explore and innovate in their own way.

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Epilepsy and Learning Curve

Author :- Ketki Madav Date :- December 11, 2017
Epilepsy and their related issues have always challenged the patient and the caregivers in every age group. Epilepsy is a symptom rather than the cause of the brain dysfunction. Epilepsy can affect attention and also the speed of processing information. Early intervention is important. Children who have seizures generally require a highly structured environment. The best way to teach the children with such difficulties is using one to one instruction, in a step by step manner and the direct approach method.
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Responsible communication as a Psychologist

Author :- Kirti Shah Date :- December 7, 2017

As a psychologist, we need to take care of what we say and how we say it. It is important to communicate clearly as it gives our clients directions and helps them make decisions about something they are concerned about. Communication includes two important aspects, listening and talking. Being able to listen and understand what the other person has to say is equally as important as talking.

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