Courses For Students

Child Psychology – Level II

Duration: 150 hours (Weekend + Internship)

Eligibility: MA or BA in psychology and Child Psychology course(Level I )

Child Psychology – Level II

Description:  The level II of the program is meant to aide the students and professionals who have completed the Level I of training as well as are interested to learn more about the intervention and management programs. Once the skills of observation and identification are mastered understanding the profile of the child and identifying the right approach to the interventions is a must. The participants will be exposed to a number of interventional modules like, educational interventions, sensory-based activities, play therapy, behaviour modification, specific skills and strategies of approaches like ABA and Glenn Doman. Further, they will also be exposed to skills for conducting parent management training programs as well as life skills programs for adults with special needs.

Eligibility: MA or BA in psychology and  Child Psychology(Level I )

Duration:  150 hours (Weekend + Internship)

Mode: Group training + Internship

Highlights: Focused on the in-trend therapy approach

                    Practical training in planning and executing sessions

                    Behaviour modification training; with Play therapy and ABA techniques

                    School- counsellor profile training

Child Psychology – Level I

Duration: 100 hours (Weekend)

Eligibility: MA or BA in psychology students

Child Psychology – Level I

Description: This course is meant for students and professionals who have pursued a bachelors or a masters degree in Psychology and have a basic understanding about the principles and skills related to the field ( at least theoretically). The course would help them to bridge the gap between theory and application. They will also be exposed to the adoption of strategies and techniques as per the profile. The course will involve assignments and case studies to enable the skill training process. The focus areas will be child development, theories of child development, basics of neurodevelopmental disorders and related conditions, conducting as well as recording systematic observations and identifying/ assessing basic issues with the help of checklists. The course is also meant to target professionals and students who are enrolled via distance education in psychology from IGNOU or other open universities.

 Eligibility: MA or BA in psychology

Duration:  100 hours (Weekend)

Mode: Group training

Highlights: Emphasised on the practical application

                    Diagnosis as DSM-V and ICD 10

                    Professional documentation

                    Case-work with observation sessions