NIOS Services

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), formerly National Open School, (name changed in 2002) is the board of education under the Union Government of India. The NIOS is a national board that administers examinations for Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations similar to the CBSE and the CISCE.

NIOS board has majorly benefitted children with disabilities, special educational needs and the ones pursuing alternative careers like sports. The strength of the board is the flexibility in attempts (once registered, examination attempts are valid up to 5 years), break up of subject combinations as per ability and preparation instead of appearing all at once, and a wide range of options in subjects to choose as per the ability, interest and strength of the child. At every level there is an opportunity to select a vocational subject of choice and interest. The students are allowed to change/add subjects/ combine one vocational subject. They can even transfer marks of 2 subjects from other boards at the secondary level and higher secondary level. The exams are conducted every 6 months. Additionally there is no upper age limit for learners. Such added provisions make the educational process smooth and reduce the academic stress for the students, parents and teachers.

The NIOS education system is divided into three levels

The NIOS education system is divided into three levels:
1. OBE levels (Level A, Level B and Level C)
2. Secondary boards
3. Senior secondary
Eligibility Criteria:
Level A equivalent to Grade III of formal school system (age criteria: 7 years and above)
Level B equivalent to Grade V of formal school system (age criteria: 9 years and above)
Level C equivalent to Grade VIII of formal school system (age criteria: 12 years and above)
Secondary level: Equivalent to Grade X (age criteria: 14 years and above)
Senior Secondary level:

Equivalent to Grade XII (age criteria: 15 years and above).

NIOS Education Consultancy

Making a decision to shift to the NIOS board could be a big one and an expert opinion at the right time could make all the difference. Based on our experience, parents and caregivers are often unsure of how to proceed with the NIOS course curriculum, what are the steps for registration and the technical know – how of the system. We at Little Pods can guide the parents or caregiver with regards to the suitable registered study centers (referred to as AA and AIs in their respective locality), how to enroll for the same and provide extended support in selection of subjects. We also provide guidance regarding the various concessions such as a reader, writer (scribe) and number of attempts to be planned.


At Little Pods as we cater to different age groups, and so, we understand the need for individualized planning. We work on pre-academic skills for beginners and early birds for NIOS. For the child moving from other boards, a different plan is incorporated to ensure a smooth transition to the NIOS board. Students with special needs who are unable to continue their schooling, would need a plan based on their abilities and difficulties.


Home schooling has become popular post Covid, as many students have struggled with the online method of schooling and also with the transition to offline mode. Little Pods helps guide parents and caregivers with the process of registration and selection of subjects. We then begin regular one on one homeschooling sessions with a proper schedule/timetable as per choice of subjects. The homeschooling tutor focuses on lesson plans and strategies as per the NIOS curriculum, enabling the student to get familiar with content and paper pattern. Practice tests and evaluations are also planned on a weekly and quarterly basis to ensure that the learning happens more effectively.


Little Pods also conducts sessions equivalent to tuitions in the offline as well as online mode. These sessions are for students who may or may not have any special needs per se but due to certain circumstances (medical condition, professional sports or vocational training) needs help with their NIOS curriculum. This majorly involves the secondary and senior secondary NIOS. Students may start sessions as per the need to help them prepare for the Board exams.