Adult Services

Inclusive Education and Employment has to become an integrated part of the society which includes equal social as well as work opportunities. Adults with developmental disabilities require varying levels of assistance at home as well as at work. The Disabilities Act has improved employability for individuals with special needs and disabilities.

Adult Independent Skills Programs (AISP)

The Adult Independent Skills Program aims to teach independent living skills, social skills and self-help skills. The program’s goal is to promote independent, healthy, responsible, and productive community members. At Little Pods, the professionals will initially conduct an assessment to get a good understanding of the client’s strengths, weaknesses and his/her current skill set. Upon completion of the assessment, a plan is designed which caters to the individual’s specific needs. The approach is practical based hence is done in a naturalistic setting.

Vocational Training Program

At one point in time, it’s important for every individual to be gainfully employed. We, at Little Pods, follow a systematic approach for pre-vocational and vocational training. Our team of psychologists studies the complete profile of every client and select the possible skills to be enhanced. With changing times we understand the scope of employment for specially abled individuals has also changed, hence we provide 20 different vocational modules to choose from. These modules vary from basic skills like home decoratives to complex tasks like managing a DJ system or software coding.

Counselling Services

Growing up as an individual with special needs can be emotionally and socially very challenging for them. Hence,to be independent and employed mostly individuals with special needs require systematic support by psychology experts. We have our counselling sessions based on various scientific approaches. This service goes beyond special needs and extends to individuals with mental health conditions seeking to rehabilitate themselves back in the society. With due respect to the ethical considerations of American Psychological Association, we at Little Pods are very responsible with our approach and our privacy and confidentiality norms.

Employment Skill Training

For an individual to be independent and productive, gaining employment or having a source to keep oneself occupied and making money for daily living is vital. India is taking steps towards workplace inclusion and recently it’s moved beyond individuals with physical disabilities to neuro-developmental disorders and mental health conditions. Not all individuals with special needs have low intelligence or struggle in academic achievements. These sessions are planned post formal educational and vocational training. To gain and maintain a job or a small scale business there are many soft skills required. Little Pods is constantly building MOU’s with various organizations for Special Needs employment.

Job Mentoring

Knowing your job profile and adjusting at the workplace is not a simple task for individuals with special needs. After being actively involved in helping them seek a job, we assist them as a mentor for initial few days to adjust to the job demands. This would involve training them for the profile as well as help them build a rapport with colleagues. Grooming at a work environment with some assistance from a therapist helps them perform efficiently and for longer tenure. Ample of studies show that workplace bullying could have long term effects on self-esteem of an individual with special needs.

Support Groups

It’s always great to be a part of the community or group where others understand you, we at Little Pods provide this opportunity to adults with special needs. We have different forms of support groups, starting from the ones that regularly meet to ones which just write to each other over emails or even introducing them to healthy use of social media. The idea of these groups is to form a parallel support system and have a comfort zone. We regularly have experts supervisioning or even conducting various workshops with the group.