Courses For Professionals

Remedial Teaching

Duration: 120 hours

Eligibility: BA psychology, Bed or ECCed

Remedial Teaching

Description: Every child has a unique learning style, the same is also relevant to children with special needs. An appropriate learning modality needs to be identified and a structure needs to be championed for the child to follow through the learning process. This requires not only a strong background of creative teaching methods but also meaningful engagement of the child into the process of learning via different strategies. This program aims to enable the participant with necessary skills to identify teaching and learning issues in a child. Following which, how to create effective educational interventions, working on core cognitive skills as well as the  basic conceptual ability of reading, writing and performing functional mathematical skills. Remedial teaching also involves going back to basics for some children and then evaluating their readiness for the next level of complexity of concepts. Skills to form an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), conducting formative and summative assessments and learning to evaluate the content are some of the highlights of the course.

Eligibility: BA psychology, Bed or ECCed

Duration:  120 hours

Mode: Individual as well as group training

Highlights: Understanding Child’s academic profile

                    Initial screening test

                    Formulating and execution of IEP


Shadow Teaching

Duration: 100 hours (Lecture + Internship)

Eligibility: Graduation/ ECCed or other equivalent courses

Shadow Teaching

Description:  The Inclusive Education Policy has opened up several opportunities for children with behavioural and neurodevelopmental conditions to seek admissions in most of the Inclusive school setups affiliated to IB, IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE and selected State Boards. A child with special needs can learn in a mainstream set up but may not be completely independent as per his age. Hence to assist the child in the areas of academics, social skills, behaviours and school activities at the school set up, a shadow teacher is employed. The shadow teaching course aims to train professionals with skills and qualities par excellence to understand the needs of the child and intervene with a goal of making him/ her independent. Communicating effectively and ensuring smooth coordination with school authorities and parents is also one of the core areas of the training program. Along with communication and interventions, documentation as well as progress monitoring will be an additional skill that the participant will get an exposure to.

Eligibility: Graduation/ ECCed or other equivalent courses

Duration:  100hours plus internship


Mode: Group training

Highlights: Learn it from the pioneer 

                    Understanding child profile

                    Academic and Behaviour support

                    Process of making the child independent

                    Documentation training