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Little Pods is an organization focussed on providing a variety of services for individuals with special needs in a distinctive way.


To see every individual achieve their maximum potential and celebrate life.


All special needs individual in this nation to be integrated into society.


You grow, we grow.

Our Services

Special needs is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, neurodevelopmental or psychological. Types of special needs vary in severity. Individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Visual Impairment, ADHD, or Cystic Fibrosis, for example, may be considered to have special needs. However, special needs can also include Cleft Lips, or Missing Limbs.

Our best-known services

  • Shadow Teaching

  • Adult Independent skills plan

    Adult Independent Skills Plan

  • Home Schooling

    Home Schooling

  • Vocational Training Program

    Vocational Training Program


Our Courses

In India, there are 27 million people with special needs, in a population of 1.2 billion. This means that about 2.2% of our population has special needs. There is a scarcity of trained professionals to work in public as well as the private sector. We strongly believe that primary caregiver needs maximum awareness and training. Our programmes are intensive and inclusive of material as well as practical training.


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