About us

Little Pods is an organization focussed on providing a variety of services for children and adult with special needs in a distinctive way. Keeping in mind the individual differences in each individual, our trained professionals and trainers aim to thoroughly understand the needs and help him/her inculcate skills for independent functioning.
Our interventions and strategies are formulated based on thorough profiling of every client, keeping in mind the needs of the community i.e school, parents, employer or caregivers. The interventions are introduced in a manner that child or adult is comfortable with. We focus on improving once strengths while modifying his/her weaknesses. We follow a goal-directed approach to help the individual with special needs gain various skills and teach him/her methods to cope with various difficulties.

We also believe in training the individuals prominently involved in the lives of individuals with special needs (parents, teachers, caregivers, colleagues, etc) to ensure the individual’s needs are taken care of in a productive and effective manner.
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Little Pods is also unique in its approach by adopting a complete teamwork ideology. We incorporate various professionals co-coordinating with each other in an effort to elicit the most effective intervention outcome. Our team involves Clinical Psychologist, Special Educator, Counselling Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, trainers, vocational filed experts as well as parents and caregivers. With parents and employers being an integral part of our intervention plan, we strive to make the outcome holistic and long term

India is still developing with the inclusion of special needs at educational as well as employment level. Over a period of 6 years, our association with various centres, schools, companies and organisations leads to smooth functioning. We are associated with various experts across the globe to incorporate special needs independence in India. 

We are happy to have earned great trust in the field of special needs care. We aim to grow not only by being available in more cities catering to more clients but also in your expertise and quality of work. Professionalism is to utmost importance to team Little Pods. 

At Little Pods, our Director Ms Kirti Shah gets personally involved in every client’s intervention along with the team. We have no point of view for any client because we understand every individual is different and constantly growing. 

Client confidentiality is our priority; being from the mental health field, we know the importance of privacy and ethics in dealing with individuals; be it adults or children. Our team consist of thorough professionals who are trained to work on all aspects of the client’s life, keeping in mind all the ethical considerations. 

We are cautious in building up our team to make sure that it consists of professionals and trainers having a similar approach and level of professionalism. We do not stop at that; Little Pods provides intensive regular training to monitor, help and update our team. We aim at nothing but the best!